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We Sell Ragdoll Kittens And Cats As Pets.

As the owner of Classy Ragdolls I am passionate about the breed. I use only the highest standards for breeding and only quality food and services for my cats. You will be receiving a purebred, TICA registered, healthy and pampered kitten that has been bred to achieve standards in appearance and a great personality. I aim to please...not just you but also my kittens. That's why I will do everything possible to ensure a smooth and hassle free transition. Your kitten comes with an airline approved carrier, a blanket, toys, a food sample package and the medical records. My vet uses Merial Purevax FVRCP to prevent many common illnesses. ***Side note: In January 2017, Merial was acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim. They still produce the non-adjuvanted vaccine which has eliminated potential long term serious side effects at the injection site. I use the Purina Pro kitten food program. Purina is an American company with their products being sourced and produced in the USA supporting local families. I also give them canned food twice per day to ensure a healthy kitten will leave my home after 12 weeks of age. All of this to ensure that your kitten is off to a great healthy life. You will find in my contract a health guarantee that requires your veternarian to inspect the kitten within 5 days of purchase. This is a wellness visit for your benefit. The wellness visit typically includes: temperature, weight, eyes, ears, nose, bone and joint inspection, as well as a check for worms or parasites (please take a stool sample with you). My contract also gives me first right of refusal should you ever need to change ownership.

About Ragdoll Kittens

Traditional Ragdolls are born solid white and they all look about the same at birth. Mink Ragdolls are born with their color. All newborn kittens are fragile and cannot be exposed to viruses. I take great care to keep the babies healthy. I normally wait until the kittens are three weeks of age to post photos on Facebook. Personalities are difficult to predict and continue to change and develop over the lifetime of the cat... sometimes due to their environment. Ragdolls are known for their laid back, human friendly and dog like behaviors but no breeder can really guarantee that your kitten will be a lap kitty or sleep with you every night. There are far too many variables in a household and the kitten to predict behaviors. For more information about the breed I encourage you to visit:TICA/BREEDS/RAGDOLL

How To Purchase A Classy Ragdoll

NEW CHANGE TO PURCHASING EFFECTIVE 3/1/2019: In the past I operated on a first come / first served basis and I did not keep a list of potential families. This became very confusing for some people, so I have changed my policy beginning in 2019. If you know for a fact that you would like to purchase a kitten from me, please contact me and let us have a live conversation about what youre looking for before you send me money. Do you prefer male? Lynx pattern? Bicolor? I will email you once the kittens are born and I will send you a copy of the contract before you send me the deposit. I will maintain a list in the order that I have received the $300 deposit allowing kittens to be chosen in that order. We can Facetime, use photographs or talk about the little personalities to help you choose. If you live in the Richmond area we can arrange for a visit as well.

Deposits are non- refundable but can be used on future litters.

For everyone else... I post photographs and mark the "available kittens" on my FaceBook page: ClassyRagdolls. Please "Like" and Check my Facebook page regularly for updates on litters born. Once you see a kitten you want, notify me immediately for a copy of the contract and be prepared to place a deposit of $300 via PayPal, Zelle, credit card or personal check.

In exchange for your deposit you will receive regular updates including photographs via email or text (your choice). The balance is due at delivery and only payable with either Cash, Credit card, PayPal or Zelle. We will have frequent commuincation to answer any questions. I can also Facetime with you if desired. The total price of a kitten is $1200. The buyer is fully responsible for retrieving the kitten. Your kitten will come with a carrier, blanket, sample food pack, toy and medical records. Again, I aim to please so I will meet you at the airport if you need to fly in to retrieve your kitten. If you want to make the kitten a surprise gift, let me know and I will help you plan that too!

Our contract is a legally binding agreement. It covers topics such as; price, health guarantee, resale, declawing, and transporting. I will be happy to email you a copy of the contract in advance of the purchase. Please send your request to: classyragdolls@gmail.com.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Kittens Come With:
  • Airline Approved Cat Carrier
  • Blanket (Smells like mom)
  • Toys
  • Sample Food Pack
  • Vet Visit 2X
  • Medical Records
  • Once you have decided on your kitten, there is some preparation before bringing him or her home. He or she will have received age appropriate vaccines before leaving but you will need to schedule a "wellness visit" or "check up" with your vet within 5 days of receipt to maintain the health guarantee and confirm you have received a healthy kitten. This typically includes the vet checking temperature, weight, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and checking for parasites (please take a stool sample with you). You will also need to purchase: food (Purina Pro kitten- the green bag), a litter box (high sides), litter (I use Fresh Step and Pretty Litter), stainless or ceramic water & food bowls (Ragdolls get acne from plastic), scratching post, toys and a squirt bottle for training "NoNo". If you are surprising someone I can put together all the supplies for an additional $100... to make the gifting surprise easy. Bringing home a new kitten is like adding a toddler to your home. You will want to limit the kitten to one room for the first day or two so he or she feels secure but still hears the new noises and voices. If you have other pets it is best to allow them to meet under a door first. Kittens will chew on wires, can drown in an open toilet and are very curious. Please watch recliners and washer / dryers to prevent accidental injury or death. You will also want to be aware of poisonous plants and even foods that your new kitten might be exposed to. One of the hardest adjustments for kittens is a change in food. If you wish to change their diet you MUST change the food gradually over 7-10 days mixing the old and new with an increasing ratio. Any other method results in diarrhea and that is NOT FUN. Giving the kitten food from your table is not a good idea. Your kitten has never been all alone. It has spent the first twelve weeks of life with it's mom, siblings and humans. We make every effort to keep the kittens on a schedule like the humans.